Monday, November 24, 2008

BRI Syariah to become full-fledged Islamic Bank

Kamis, 21 Agustus 2008

Jakarta (21/8). Islamic Bank will develop and growth in this country, apparently the Islamic commercial unit of BRI will become a full-fledged Islamic Bank, this year. There will a transformation of the 3 main Pillars which will be the leading edge for the BRI Syariah spin off.

Eko BambangThe above statement came from Division Head of BRI Syariah, Eko Bambang Suharno. The three main pillars are: Information and Technology, company’s Policy and Human Capital.

The Information and Technology enhancement will stress on the on-line networking system in all branches, including the Islamic windows, which BRI Syariah customers could use BRI conventional system of ATM. "When the spin of process is done, BRI Syariah will work on developing the IT network quality, to create value added," said Eko Bambang.
There will be some improvement in all branches in regard to the system of saving and financing services, with a better management of customer database.

For the company’s policy BRI Syariah will provide its own policy of long term business projection, in determining fund allocation to the potential sectors to increase company’s growth.
" For the Human capital, BRI Syariah will keep on develop its human capital competency, quality, and quantity by internal or external recruitment process” explained Eko.


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